Men and Boys Fellowship

Welcome to Crosshorn Ministries

Founded in the spring of 2010, by John Whitfield of Keystone Heights, FL, Crosshorn™ Ministries was established for the purpose of ministering to outdoorsmen. We mentor, teach, and train men and boys in outdoors skills and in spiritual matters. Along the lines of the “Wild Beast Feasts” or “Sportsmen’s Extravaganzas” that some churches and community organizations hold annually, Crosshorn™ Ministries regularly holds meetings and fellowships that appeal to men of all ages, backgrounds and outdoor interests.

Come join our monthly Men and Boys’ Fellowship!  Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of each month. We meet at 7 pm at the Starke Golf and Country Club (15501 NE 14th Ave, Starke, FL). Please check our Event page for complete details and to verify the date.

Outdoor topics are presented with lots of tall tales, plenty of laughs, occasional skits and spoofs, and then a short devotional Bible study. We also have snacks,sodas, and LOTS of outdoor camaraderie, plus door prizes and giveaways at each event.

We invite any men of the outdoors to come—bring your sons along if they are big enough to hunt or fish!

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 Shock Gobbler Booklets

Our Crosshorn booklets are now available. Through a generous gifting from one of our wonderful supporters, we have just had 5,000 copies printed up for distribution. We encourage you to to pass these along to fellow outdoorsmen, new guys and our youth — to help us in our mission of passing on our great American outdoor skills, expertise & traditions, and pointing men & boys to our marvelous Creator, from whence it all comes!!

Crosshorn Photos:

Daniel & his hog… look at those cutters!!

Daniel and friend… Both got hogs at Swine in the Pines!

John and rabbit…. over 30 yards with pistol, (TWO Witnesses!!)

Mike nailed a 300 pound beast… Wild Boar!!!

“Robert’s Turkey” Nice Beard. Attaboy!

A Tailgate Party!

18 “Yotes”

What now?

Eleven pounds!