Men and Boys Fellowship

About Crosshorn Ministries


A typical meeting begins with a short presentation or seminar on an outdoor subject (such as Deer Hunting, Fishing, Taxidermy or Outdoor Survival Skills/Camping), and then there is a short devotional or Bible study for spiritual edification, followed by food, fellowship and tall tales, door prizes and give-a-ways. Men and boys will have the opportunity to fellowship and to learn more about the outdoors and about spiritual matters. We want to make a difference—helping men and training boys—for the future.


We want to pass along our great American heritage of the outdoors, much like in the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt — hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, hiking and many other activities. We are passing on our outdoor best, and we want to preserve our great Christian-Judeo heritage as well—emulating our founding fathers who built this great country.


We invite you to join our support team—How? By, most of all, praying for this ministry and for those to whom we minister. And you can also support this work by the giving of your time, talent, merchandise or service for give-a-ways, and by your faithfulness through financial contributions. Whatever the Lord lays on one’s heart. We desire to reach men & boys for Christ, to mentor, to teach, to train, to prepare, to pass on, to preserve and to leave a better legacy. We invite you to join our Crosshorn™ Team and … let’s grow together. Yes, we’re brand new, building up every day—meeting people, gaining new friends and impacting men’s lives for good.


Please feel free to e-mail us any prayer request, idea, suggestion, or comment. Call or e-mail us if you want more information or would like to arrange for John to speak at your church or organization events.


Founder: John Whitfield
Directors: Morry Cravey, Jim Mason, Ricky Smith, Mike Pickett, Bruce Causey, and Charlie Blackwell.