Men and Boys Fellowship

How Can I Help?

Many folks have seen what we are doing in our effort to reach Outdoorsmen, and they have caught and shared our vision. And, many have asked “How can we help” or “What can we do to support the outreach?”

First of all, we earnestly need your prayer support. Please put us on your personal and church prayer lists. We are home missionaries. Please pray for us daily. “Nothing great was ever accomplished without prayer.”

Secondly, finances. Like any ministry or non profit organization, we exist through the donations and contributions of our ministry friends, associates and sponsors. All monetary contributions are tax deductible, and we are happy to provide all with an annual receipt for your tax records.

Thirdly, administrative materials, ministry printing and outdoor related gear.

We can always use copy paper, envelopes and various mailing supplies and postage. We utilize a lot of print—copies of promotional flyers, mail outs, gospel tracts, booklets, brochures and other outdoor related printed items.

And, finally, outdoor gear. At each men’s event, we conclude each meeting with our gear give-a-ways—drawing for door prizes. Many folks have contributed outdoor items for these free prizes—gear, tools, hunting, fishing & camping supplies, hunt or fish trips, anything outdoors.

And, we are looking for a projector for future power point presentations. Please pray about whatever the Lord lays on your heart, and we will gladly receive it and put it to work for the kingdom.

It costs a lot to win a man.

With gratitude,
John Whitfield, Founder